Empowering Adventure Camps

Flying Colors Trapeze presents Flying Trapeze and Circus Arts Adventure Camps, Wake Surf and Water Sports Adventure Camp, and Circus Arts and Equestrian Adventure Camps!

Fun, empowering outdoor camps and a lifetime of memories at 10-acre circus camp on pristine Big Marine lake (an easy, scenic 35 min drive from Cities). Experience exhilaration, friendship, and personal growth while building confidence, courage, perseverance, and strength in children & teens. No Experience Necessary- Our professional coaches meet each individual at their level and make every activity empowering and fun for all to succeed in a safe outdoor environment. Beach time and Friday performance included. 3 and 5-day camps for age 7-17. Also offering classes and retreats, Girls Scout partnership, and Adult options.

Circus Arts Adventure Camps Include: Flying Trapeze, Aerial Arts (Trapeze, Lyra, Hammock, and Silk), Trampoline, Wire, Jump Rope, Bike, Globes, Juggling, Tumbling, Acro-Handbalancing, Unicycle, beach time and Showcase. Ages 7-17. 3 & 5-day camps for kids and teens.

Equestrian Trick Riding and Circus Arts Empowerment Camps include: Explore the rare art of circus trick riding-Rosinback, Cossack, Liberty, and Roman Riding on experienced performance horses. Half-day of riding with the professional rider, trainer, and performer of Horsemanship Unlocked, other half exploring circus arts, all taught in empowering process with all sure to succeed. Beach time and showcase included. Ages 9 -17

Wake Surf & Water Sports Camps Include Wake Surfing behind a Mastercraft Wakesurf Boat with extra Fat Sacks, Water Skiing, Paddle Boarding, Canoe, and Kayak. Beach time and showcase included. Ages 12 -18


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