Music that always makes it feel like Summer!


Music that always makes it feel like Summer!

Fall is coming to an end and the excitement of pumpkin spice everything has started to wear off. The clocks have fallen back and before you know it, it’s dark outside before you’ve even had your lunch. The transition between Fall and Winter can sometimes feel blah, so we are here to remind you of the top hits that always make it feel like summer. 

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Summer – Calvin Harris

I don’t care how cliché it is to start a “Music that always makes it feel like Summer” blog with this song. Try telling me you don’t forget about the negative-degree weather when you hear this tune come on.  

All Summer Long – Kid Rock 

I promise not every song is going to have the word Summer in the title. No matter if you’re a boy, a man, or caught somewhere in-between, this song gives all the good feels.  

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen  

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson Ft. Bruno Mars 

Cake By The Ocean – Jonas Brothers  

Sometimes you can’t explain why a certain boy band makes it automatically feel like Summer when you hear their songs, but the Jonas Brothers do just that. Other songs of theirs that I will still be listening to in the year 3000 when I need to be reminded of summer, Cool, Burnin’ Up, and Keep It Real.   

What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction 

It’s My Life – Bon Jovi 

Hey Ya – OutKast 

Get This Party Started – Pink 

Cruise – Florida Georgia Line Ft. Nelly 

I don’t know whose idea it was to mix country music with rap but it’s the perfect equation that equals Summer. Cruise and Lil Bit with FGL and Nelly were on repeat in the warm months for me. Also, can’t go without mentioning what Billy Rae Cyrus did with Lil Nas X with the Old Town Road remix (crying laughing face emoji), I hated it and loved it all at once.      

Hot In Here – Nelly 

Speaking of Nelly, seeing him shake his tailfeather on Dancing With The Stars last season, reminded me that literally, almost every Nelly song gives me Summer vibes: Party People, Ride With Me, Shake Ya Tail Feather- honestly I wouldn’t even be upset if I only had those three songs on my playlist.   

Despacito – Luis Fonsi 

If you happen to stumble upon another “Music that always makes it feel like Summer” blog that doesn’t have this song on it—then no, immediately no!  😎

I hope these tunes will help you get through the droopy Winter months as you long for the Summer days. Remember it’s never too early to start planning your children’s Summer Activities, check out all of our resources here.